Advanced SQL for Data Analytics with BigQuery
Agile Essentials
Airtable: From Zero to Hero
Android Fundamentals for Basic App Development
Android UI Design with XML
AppSheet: Building Your No-Code Apps
Behavioural Science for Business
Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Beyond
Building Hybrid Applications with Flutter
Building Microservices with Go
Creating Your Voxel Art with VoxEdit
Customer Journey Mapping
Cybersecurity Awareness
Dashboard Design Principles
Data Pipelines with Airflow
Data Storytelling with Infographics
Debugging and Publishing Your Android Apps
Design Thinking for Innovation
Developing Robust API Services with Go
DevSecOps Transformation & Technologies
Digital Business Essentials
Effective Go: Architecture and Design Patterns
Essential CSS for Web Developers
Essential pandas for Data Science
Exploratory Data Analysis with Excel
Exploratory Data Analysis with Google Sheets
Getting Started with Vue.js
Getting User Insights through User Interviews
Git Essentials for Developers
Go-to-Market Strategies
Go: The Fundamentals
Hand Lettering with Procreate
Hands-On Power BI
How to Become a Better Programmer
Improving UX with Motion
Intro to Data Science
Intro to Programming with Python
Intro to User Experience Design
Introduction to Docker
Kubernetes Mastery
Mastering Application Development with Flutter
Mastering Looker Studio
Mental Health First Aid
Microservices Essentials
Modern JavaScript (ES6)
OKRs: The Complete Guide
OOP the Right Way
PageSpeed Score Boost Up
Power BI Essentials
Presentation Design Principles
Progressive Web Application
Purpose-built Database
React Hooks in Action
Scala Fundamentals
Service Design Essentials
Software Architecture Design
SQL for Data Analytics
UI Design with Figma
UI Fundamentals
Unlocking Growth Mindset
Urban Sketching with Procreate
UX Writing
Web Basics with HTML and CSS
Web Scraping Fundamentals with Python
Web Scraping with Minimal Coding
Webflow for Designers